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Oct 29.2002



Beams of light shine like flaming fires burn,

Starless nights mystical pleasures grasping tightly,

Provoken verbials stainless blood boils higher,

Envoking Eagle he soars-Eyes Awaken-soul.

Forbidden passages glide swiftly silky rose,

Blistered deepened red in vain blood flows,

          Sensless devotions cries broken Doves,

   Precious stones streaming brook whispers amaze,

Enlightened by the silence darkened peace-mind,

Forever entwined spiritual remains my eyes,


      Trina Girard- April 27,2002

    " It's all good!"

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Soon we will be starting our own on-line community to which people of like mind and those whom wish to seek within and would like to share information, discussions, and for those who just need some support and guidance. Keep your eyes open for when we will be starting!! You may submit to me an Email if you have interest in participating in our community. We will also be offering a weekly or monthly Article to those of interest and many many more great things coming too!
People of all backgrounds are welcome, no prejudice. This will be a place of guidance as well as teaching and learning. We hope to share inspirations, truths and knowledge, so those who are just learning or would like to learn more and for those of you who have found the inner-self are more then welcomed. This is not a religious group or organisation and the beliefs and such are not based on religion itself. It of an open discussion for those wishing to seek the silence within and would like to share their experiences and so much more.