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Requested Poems
Some authours have left their contact information for your convenience.  Peronal information will not be given out without permission from said authors herein. If you would like a copy of the poetry provided, permission must be granted by said author. You may also request to see more of their work or if you have any comments, suggestions and feedback you would like to share,  you are more than welcomed to E-mail them!
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This moment
Which is, and yet, is no more
Pray, what is its duration?
A lifetime? This lifetime?
"A moment is a moment," you say,
"Just one moment."


You have not answered,
What be it’s duration?
One moment indeed?

If you know the answer,
If you know,
Just catch this one moment in your Being
Just be silent
For this One moment
And then say, when intelligence rises again
What be the duration of This Moment.

By Narinder Of India

Truly Needed

Is it true that besides love
The only thing that makes one happy
Is to be truly needed?
Not merely accepted
Not merely given responsibility
Nor just given a respectable role to play
But truly needed.
To know that your very presence is valued
Your words are as silver
Your heart that you share is golden
And your very essence is,
Is a value too high to even dream.

Have we in our civilized growth
Outgrown the simplest
Most valued parts of our lives?
That of personal touch
Of the love that one can give
By simply letting eyes speak?
Letting them say
I care
I love
I feel
I need.
We live in our castles large and small
Concerning ourselves with the contents
And the carriages we own.
Our social status
Where we go
And who knows.
When the game comes to an end
What do we take with us?
Anything we've earned, taken, own?
Who will miss us?
Do we really care?
Who needs us so much that life will be unbearable
After we've gone?
Are our needs so greedy that we've forgotten
Or is what we call needs, desires?
We're all connected
We need each other
And we need to take care of ourselves
Far more than we realize.
Be this understood
This planet we call home
Our global village
May be a far better place for one and all.
Whom do you need today?
Who needs you?

10 Sep 02
ãKirk Spencer      E-mail

Rights of Passage

As I travel through this passage of life, I oft wondered route taken
Wondered what and where I would be if taken another direction.
Would I be happier? Sadder? Would I be here?
Did I take the road less traveled?  Heaven knows I haven't had much company on this journey.
Is the most traveled road the correct one? Or just one of the most popular?
Would I have been happier travelling with many?  Or sadder?
Then the spark! Not fire no, just a spark that reminds
Yours is the path unique, yours to travel, with those seldom known by others.
As I travel, I experience a pain known to many, but seldom cured complete
A pain so unbearable, so deep within that even a painful death is more satisfying than another moment attempting to quell a pain that nothing physical could ever match.
I stop:  I shout to all the heavens and the earth, to all that is seen, and to which is invisible to the eyes;
Please! Please grant me one wish this life as I journey through: just one small thing to those who know not of its value; but to those that do, if granted, please forever grant it mine.
Not as a possession that is to be locked away, nor hidden in some unknown place.
What I ask is love.  The truest of loveÖ that of the soul, yes of spiritÖ that which binds one to another in an everlasting embrace.  And the physical, where love is expressed in the tenderness of embraces and kisses, in play and laughter, and tears of sadness and of joy.  If thou wilt not grant me this one simple, but awesome wish, then wonder I to which path I should turn.î

Truly, if life is a journey, then I have chosen to have a singularly loving companion to share this adventure.  Just one that is all to me, so to another I should never wander. To her, that she will listen for my footsteps and the sound of my voice with eagerness and bliss.
This journey I gladly travel, unique as it is, and to its end I will travel with glee if only this one desire, yes need, is granted.  If this passage does not include the right to true happiness, then its route is sure to change.

by Kirk Spencer  ã  E-mail
29 Sep 02