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Soul Poetry

NEW!! Oct 10/02
            >>>>>>                         Just Wanna Live

Tired of the ratt race spending time for dollars,
Tired of the late nights, hearing screams and hollers,
Tired of the people who don't take a second look,
Tired of the gamblers who make life a joke,
I just wanna live.

No time for much fun it's always too short,
No time for searching too tired to look,
No time for smelling flowers, when I reach them they are dead,
No time for listening to others,
I just wanna live.

Running ragged paying bills trying to make ends meet,
Running through rush hour can be so intense,
Running like a mad dog to make life fit,
Running scared from the truth I can't understand,
I just wanna live.

Sitting still in this silence, madness settles in,
Confusion and stress this is not yet the end,
Sitting by the window, working out things in my mind,
So much to do yet so little time, better off to die,
I just wanna live!

Oct. 10-02

 NEW!! Oct 9/02
            >>>>>>                               Eyes

Sometimes you think you are all alone,
But the eye is watching you.
You don't believe in the world of ghosts,
But the eye is watching you.
You ignore the feelings of those chills,
But that's the eye watching you.

You think no one can understand,
The eye is watching you.
You grasp on tightly to what you have,
the eyes see all you do.
You whisper softly secrets untold,
but the eye can see your pain of truth.

You hide your eyes from the world,
But the eye still sees you.
Your colours appear faded to all who see you,
But the eye sees differently.
You can not hide from the truth,
The eye won't let you!

Oct 9,02

 NEW!! Oct 9/02
            >>>>>>                              The Dance

If you look real closely you can feel the beauty of the trees,
Watch them sway in the wind, cooling you with breeze,
Intense the colours of the skies with radiant colours of blue,
Dream away my dandilion as the daffodiles dance today.

It's such a wonder as I lay on moss to see the music soar,
Like flowing clouds above the skies adorning me in peace,
Watching the children laugh and play yonder over hill,
Echos of their laughter fill the forest still.

Off in the distance you can hear an Eagles cry,
Reflecting words of wisdom off the mountains side,
Left to ponder on this earth the glories that it holds,
To live devinely as the essence of a rose.

The Spirit is here its cleary heard when you take the time to see,
Listen to the sounds around Mother Nature has granted we,
In rain or shine its beauty glows a most wonderful tale,
Just let go your weary woes and dance upon the wind.


   Do You Really See Me?

In times of confusion you see me there,
What do you sense?
Confusion, despair?
A lost soul looking everywhere but here?
But do you really see me?

Perhaps you suggest I am this and that,
You analyse me through words that I have spoke,
You say I have reached a certain place,
But do you see me in my space?

In light of the situation you say I feel sad,
You say I am angered , happy or mad,
But from where did you learn this? How could you know?
Do you really see me where the truth flows?

The energies are moving, this I agree,
But they can not tell who I am, the real me,
Your thoughts are appreciated but far from the truth,
I know you can understand this, or can you?
What do you see, do you see the truth in me?

On some level or another we can really relate,
But how is it that I know, I am much more than you think?
What is it about me that can sense a higher wisdom,
Even when you think you can tell who I am,
But in all honesty you can never see,The real me,
now I ask you once again,
Do you really see Me?

Trina Girard

Who Am I?

Where am I when I hear my thoughts inside?
Who am I when I feel the need to cry?
Lost in desperation am I a moral man?
To seek not is to be left empty,
But is my glass really half full?
To know not is ignorance,
But what If Im not ready to know?
Who am I when a good deed is done,
Left with nothing but silence,
I am unoticed and no one else knows.
Who am I when I feel hurt and anger,
Is that immoral of me to be?
Should I be responsible to allow others in that hurt me,
Who am I to to allow otherwise?
Everyone else has their opinions,
But seem to believe that they are in the right,
Who am I to discard them,
Even if they don't feel right inside?
All I know is one thing,
I am not what I wish not to be,
I live in my life moralistically,
I cause no harm to others not intentionally,
I pray for peace and silence,
I do what is best for my family,
Who am I?
I am just little Ol' Me!

Trina Girard
Sept. 16, 2002

Sitting Here

All this time around me,
Nowhere to get out and go,
Listening to the silence,
Remembering yesterdays world.

People complain there is so little time,
Yet they waist so much of it away,
Sitting on the telephone,
Staring at a wall, or watching television.

Some spend their time exaggerating truths,
While they slowly destroy anothers life,
Even when they don't realise,
This is really what they do!

While others spend their time to critisize
parts of the world they disagree on,
They whine and complain,
But never take time to reason and take action to make a difference.

And here I am with all this time,
Weighing on my hands,
Want to do so many things but never had the chance,
One day who knows these thoughts of mine,
May very well come true,
and it will be I who made the changes in life too!

Trina Girard
Sept. 26-2002

09/26/2002 Copywrited 2002

In My Four Walls

In my four walls the love remains,
My guilt, my sorrows, pleasures and pain.
A house built on many bricks,
Truth , honour and silence is kept.
In my four walls safe haven tis' it is,
Always someone to count on, comfort lives.
My home is my treasure where we gather,
Enjoy each others company and laughter.
Some may wonder what lies within four walls,
They sit and they wonder and tell their lies.
You may not have noticed, but all is alright.
The love that we hold in these four walls of mine.
By; Trina Girard
Sept. 20-2002

Summers Glory

In pastures green flows a soft mist,
Reflecting the glow of mauve coloured skies.
The forest is dancing as the wind blows,
Like a cloud I am drifting in mother natures woes.

Down by the sunset where the earth ends it's day,
I dream of a land in the shimmering softened yellow light.
Willowing whispers of the enchanting sea,
Flowing towards freedom is where I will be.

Morning glory is sleeping the stars awaken to sight,
Mother nature is working, mending her pride.
The mossy carpet softens my steps and moistens the flowers,
This beautiful land is graced with magnificent power.

Kissing in the wind the cat tails sway,
Embraced by her warmth Wrapped in the milky thistles.

All memories once forgotten
have come to pass....

This treasure I hold gently,
like fragile butterflies in my hand.

June 20th, 2002

Timeless Treasures
On a sea far beyond, I see the sunrise,
Glistening off the misty blue water, mesmorized.
Soft flowing echos I hear the Seagulls cries,
Onto the West I see the rough edge,
Landing awaits me, ventures ahead.

The wakes have risen, soft bellowing winds,
Sea creatures gather hungry, I await the abyss.
Daylight has fallen, the mist rises again,
Deep pinks and bright yellows paint the fading sky.
Silently the night whispers out the fading light.

I sit and I listen to the sound of the waves,
As they pat the narrowed side of my boat along the way.
I rest here in the moment, finding my inner guide,
Restless no more, at peace and full of light.
I have caressed this sweet moment of Natures Delight.

Suddenly I awaken and the truth is finally known,
The endless seems of this Sea, will bring me to my home.
The Spirits have well guided me, to a place I feel at ease,
This endless venture from within,  I am where I seek to be.
No more wonderless ways, I have found the meaning of the Sea!

*In thought of those on a Quest for the Soul to home*