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Happy Halloween

Lets  go! lets  go! Get your costumes on,
The sun is down it's time to go, , let's get this party on!
Grab your lights and an extra big bag so we can make them full,
Candies galore everywhere, knocking door to door.
The moon is full, the ghosts are out for a haunting treat!
So grab your friends and stay real close so they won't grab you or me!
Run , Run , Run as fast as you can, before the bats come out,
They like to chase the children around and watch them screem and shout!
The monsters are hiding everywhere waiting to jump out
and grab your bags!
Hurray! Hurry! Lets go! Lets go! We gotta hurry to get the best!
It's getting late the streets are bare, I think it's time to get home,
Before that monster over there comes out and steals our gum,
So follow me and grab your lights that should keep them far away enough,
So we can get home and open our treats and eat them till we are full!
Yum! Yum!
Oct. 13, 2002- Trina Girard