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                                                Deepened Soul Poetry


I don't believe you know me,
Although somehow you try to see through me.
It's not your place to know,
Don't worry you're not alone.
No one can reach me, they can't defeat me.

I'm not made of a heart of stone,
But I can easily leave you out in the cold.
They protect me, it's not easy,
You will never know.
No matter how hard you try.

Everytime you get a little bit closer,
The further we are apart.
My soul is another era,
Far away from my heart.
What you have come to know is but a spec of the unknown.

Don't you try to read me,
You will get the wrong impression.
No one can truly understand me,
No matter how close they get.
Although I am not trying, I will always be your friend.

So leave me to my silence,
It's where it all fits just right.
Sorry you can not see this,
But it's not meant for others' eyes.
Hold on to what you have found, for it can not be measured or known by sight.

Sept. 14, 2002

  My Prayer

Let me see what pains me so,
Let me free so I can grow,
Be like the flower that blooms in spring,
Leaping forward in my field of dreams.
Show me the way to the light of my soul,
Embrace me in warmth where the satin flows,
Show me a sign that this is my destiny,
Praise my innocense and my will.
Guide me to the place of peace and contentment,
that I may rest this weary head in silence.
Help me to remember the days of my youth,
Not left being bottled and trapped in my cooth.
Show me direction in this fork of the road,
Fill me with passion that I not be led astray,
Pleasure me with sweet scents of the morning dew,
May the sunshining showers braise my skin.
Delight me with memories of those that I love.
Kiss away my sorrows like the mystical Dove.
Rest me in peace and in tranquility,
In this journey I pray to make a difference,
Be someone they were proud of and will always remember.
Oh to the great one please here this prayer,
in hopes to be enlightened once again,
Help me to see all that I have ignored,
So I can help others in this great big world.
Grant me this blessings and I promise to you,
I will do everything in my power to do unto you.
And for the rest of my living days and through enternity,
I will be more than this bitter heart who sits here each day!

Trina Girard
Sept. 27-02

  In His Heart

In silence he drifts to a world apart,
His love is true and this makes it hard.
He tries so hard to make her see,
He understands more than he can speak.

With every move he tries to make,
He's so unsure and fears mistakes.
Although he holds her close inside,
She can not see him due to pride.

In his heart his love is pure,
Her distance hurts him yet he endures.
Reaching out he's run out of steam,
So he holds her dear and makes love in his dreams.

His achy heart keeps him bound,
To his love he has not found.
Although she lays near his side,
He can not reach her in the dead of night.

Slowly breaking his hearts collapse,
Gently caresses her hair,  it's all he can grasp.
With her he will forever remain and never part,
This love he holds dear and true, in his heart.



We are all ametuers, struggling in the bigger world.
Wondering what will happen next, filling ouselves full of doubt.

Sometimes we measure a man, by what he has resting in his hands.
But take that all away,  and what you will have is just a man.

We are all just ametuers, creating chaos and bigatry.
Wondering where we will end up, life so full of misery.

The Queen looks mighty upon her throne, take away the glitter and the gold.
She is nothing more than a human soul.

We are all just ameteurs, thinking we can define this world.
Then we go home and realise, we are mere mortals walking disguised.

The fool thinks he is wise,  while he judges and compromises.
The wiseman knows his lessons well, and remains an inferior.

We are all just ametuers, seeking truth of this devine world.
But what are we really looking for, perhaps we just want to forget our Lives.

So before you think you are an expert, and you know all that is right.
Remember where you stand in this world, you are no more than an ametuer!

Sept. 07-2002